From Vision Board to Dream Home in 90 days

Imagine the excitement when you’ve acquired the perfect plot of land. Your vision of a beautiful custom home complete with colors, textures, and the scent of Texas breeze along with your kids playing in the yard? Now, imagine turning that dream board into reality – not in a year’s time of unexpected delays and anxiety, but in a productive and exciting 90 days.

That’s exactly what happened with this stunning True Texas Builders home. The clock started ticking on August 16th, with the signing of the closing documents on the construction loan. The same afternoon, earthmoving equipment arrived on site and began building a pad site for the home. Just two weeks later, plumbing had been laid and a fresh concrete slab poured the foundation for your soon-to-be home. By the time November 16th rolls around, you find yourself gazing at your completed dream home. Excited to be moving in just 90 days after construction began.

September 11, 2023 – Frame walk – ensuring your house is built to specs before the next steps

September 12, 2023 – Decking and Siding in Progress

September 14, 2023 – roofing is underway as the home is getting dried in

October 2, 2023 – the exterior gets painted as the interior work presses on

November 16, 2023 – the home is complete and ready for the movers!

Challenge Accepted

217 tasks. 90 days. An intricate plan of skilled professionals – concrete crews, plumbers, electricians, roofers, cabinet makers, trim carpenters, painters, and landscapers (just to name a few) – each playing their part with precision and passion. This wasn’t just a construction project; it was a testament to the power of a team that stays focused on execution and quality assurance along the way. Utilizing Gantt charts and scheduling tools along with design boards to deliver a well-crafted home in a short amount of time.

Here’s the thing: many builders wouldn’t touch a project without a guaranteed water source. Drilling a well can take months, adding a frustrating pause to your building dreams. Not us. We’ve built entire houses before the well is drilled by utilizing our own water storage tanks for those subs who need water and air to test plumbing along the way. It’s a challenge we dare to take on because we have thought through the process and executed it with confidence.

Finished Kitchen – November 16, 2023

Finished Kitchen – November 16, 2023

And let’s be honest, there is real money to be saved here on the part of our clients. Who wants to rack up interest on a construction loan and oftentimes rent payments while your dream home is under construction? Depending upon the project, True Texas Builders can save you tens of thousands of dollars by managing the project well. You deserve to start enjoying your life’s masterpiece sooner, not later. That’s why we sweat the details and manage the job so tightly.

Deep Family Roots

This Lipan oasis wasn’t just built on speed and expertise; it was built on family connections. The land this family calls home? A parcel from relatives nearby, eager to welcome them to the fold. It’s more than sticks and siding and concrete – it’s a testament to the strength of community, the unwavering support that whispers, “Build your dream, we’ve got your back.”

Finished Master Bathroom – November 16, 2023

Finished Guest Bathroom – November 16, 2023

Finished Guest Bathroom – November 16, 2023

So, the next time you stare at your own dreamboard or are just tired of your current home that doesn’t work for your family, remember this story. Remember that a 90-day build isn’t just about speed; it’s about reducing the headaches and the worry of building a home, saving interest and rent expenses, and working with a builder who embraces challenges and who wants to work with you and make it easy on you to get into your home. And when that dream home finally welcomes you with open arms, know that it was built not just with nails and cement, but with a whole lot of Texas heart.

Think you can’t turn your dream board into reality within 90 days? Challenge accepted. Contact True Texas Builders today and let’s talk about building your own oasis under the Texas sun.

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